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2010-08-17 16:10:38 by georgetaher

Hey humans,

It's me George here to tell you that I am free again, so no need to worry about not getting my attention. Please only contact me if you have the script at 50% or more because I don't want to wait for an age and a half for the writer to make a script.

Voice Acting

2010-07-06 21:46:05 by georgetaher

Finally! I can lend my voice to the people of Newgrounds! I am for hire (and free for now) though I am currently doing 2 projects I can probably take another (if it is small/medium) PM me the amount of lines and the project and I'll get back to you ASAP!


2009-09-11 22:52:54 by georgetaher

What is the name of that game where you can make your own newgrounds level icon?